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Jul 31, 2018

What’s Your Writing Productivity Type? (with Bec Evans of Prolifiko): Part Two

In Part Two of another special edition of the show we traditionally call “writer porn,” writer, educator, and co-founder of Prolifiko, Bec Evans, returned to conclude our chat about writer personality types, productivity secrets, and understanding your writing psychology.

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Bec is the co-founder of Prolifiko, a new digital coach aimed at helping writers beat writer’s blocks and find writing routines that work best for them. It’s been called the “Fitbit for writers,” by The Times (of London).

Prolifiko, set to launch in April, 2018, is a system based on neuroscience and psychology designed to help writers reflect on and improve their productivity with a “small-steps” methodology.

Ms. Evans has worked with thousands of writers throughout her career and used to run the Ted Hughes Arvon Centre for Writing, an international writing school in the UK (home of the late poet-laureate Ted Hughes).

She writes about productivity, writing habits and routines, and is currently working on a book about innovation.

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If you missed the first half you can find it right here.

In Part Two of this file Bec Evans and I talk about: