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Dec 11, 2018

The Bright Future of Audiobooks with Tina Dietz: Part Two

In Part Two of this file the audiobook publisher, award-winning podcast producer, and internationally acclaimed speaker, Tina Dietz, returned to wrap up our chat about her passion for helping authors grow their audiences, why you should produce an audiobook, and the bright future of audio content.

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Tina is an entrepreneur and content marketing expert who has been featured on ABC,, Huffington Post, and Forbes (to name a few), and her company, StartSomething Creative Business Solutions, helps authors and entrepreneurs expand their audiences with audio content.

She is an award-winning podcaster and an expert in leveraging and repurposing content, and her company specializes deeply in audiobook production and publishing for one simple reason …

It’s “… the fastest growing, in-demand segment of the book publishing industry,” and the barrier to entry is dropping rapidly.

Tina and her cohorts love to help authors expand their audiences, income, influence, and opportunities.

If you missed the first half you can find it here.

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In Part Two of this file Tina Dietz and I talk about:

  • The surprising truth about who should, and who should not, narrate their own audiobook
  • How to decide whether to invest the time and money in professional voice narration or go DIY
  • The art and science that goes into a bestselling audiobook
  • Why you can’t rush professionally produced audio
  • Where to send your audiobook once it s finished
  • The future of audio content and smart coffee makers
  • And why you need to fall in love with your own voice and message

The Show Notes: