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Jun 2, 2021


President and Founder of Manhattan-based agency Lucinda Literary, Lucinda Halpern, gave me an insider’s take on why literary agents can't just be deal-makers anymore.

Lucinda Halpern is a literary, lecture, and PR agent with over 15 years of experience on both the corporate and agency sides of publishing.

Specializing in "books that change the way people work, behave, and live," she represents authors writing in the categories of business, health, lifestyle, popular science, narrative nonfiction, memoir, and upmarket fiction.

Her agency, Lucinda Literary, boasts a roster of authors including New York Times bestselling authors Susan Peirce Thompson (Bright Line Eating), Chris Bailey (The Productivity Project; Hyperfocus), Cait Flanders (The Year of Less), Paul Jarvis (Company of One), the new work of Nicola Kraus (The Nanny Diaries) and Jake Wood (Once a Warrior).

She also shares publishing insights and motivation for writers and hosts both live and online programs for aspiring authors.

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In this file Lucinda Halpern and I discussed:

  • Her mission statement, ethos, and the future of publishing
  • How good agents build lifelong marriages with their authors
  • Why you don't have to be famous to get published
  • Counterintuitive tips about the industry
  • The old-fashioned art of crafting a book
  • And more!

Show Notes: