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Sep 18, 2019

Award-winning novelist, speaker, and activist Talia Carner spoke with me about the intensive research processes that go into her novels, why she chose fiction to write about global social issues, the real-life crisis happening right before our eyes and what we can do about it.

“I take a skeleton out of the closet and dance with it. The skeleton being the many social issues around the globe that vie for attention.” – Talia Carner

Ms. Carner writes suspense novels with a social message and her latest historical novel, The Third Daughter, aims to turn the issue of sex trafficking into real-world activism. Talia's mission is to transform the lessons of the past into action in the present.

Her fifth book has been described as, “A frightening journey into the New World of the late 1800s, told by a trusting young woman lured from Russia and forced into prostitution in Buenos Aires.”

Before becoming a professional novelist the author had a corporate career in the magazine business, started her own business as a marketing consultant for Fortune 500 companies, was a counselor and lecturer for the Small Business Administration, and even a member of the United States Information Agency.

Talia is a popular international speaker who has keynoted close to 300 events on pressing social issues facing women around the globe.

To learn more about human trafficking in the USA – and what you can do to help stop it – you can find a wealth of information that the author has provided for us in her article here: Take Action Against Trafficking

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In Part One of this file Talia Carner and I discussed:

  • How the writer's natural form of expression is somewhere in the 100,000 word range
  • Why historical fiction is so challenging to write well
  • How she used researchers to trace details of landmarks long forgotten
  • What it's like to channel characters from the distant past and write prose incorporating other languages
  • What sparks the ideation that fuels her writing mission
  • And why writers need to cull ideas from issues that move them most

Show Notes:

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