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Oct 30, 2018

How Professional Comedy Writer & Author James Breakwell Writes: Part One

Prolific pro comedy writer, author, and amateur parenting expert, James Breakwell, took a timeout to rap with me about @XplodingUnicorn and his rise to viral Twitter fame, how he juggles multiple writing projects, his family and his sanity, and the writer as entrepreneur.

In the early days of his writing career James told me that he knew he wouldn’t score a book deal sending out query letters or tossing his ideas over the transom, so he decided to build an online following for his unique, self-effacing comedy.

Finding inspiration in his family of four girls all under the age of eight, he turned his attentions to blogging, web comics, podcasting, and family humor on Twitter where he eventually found viral fame.

In 2016 Buzzfeed dubbed him “The Funniest Dad On Twitter” and shortly thereafter his audience grew … in a big way.

He has been featured on media outlets around the world, has attracted over a million followers on social media, has signed multiple book deals, and even writes a column for a newspaper.

His second book, Bare Minimum Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child, comes out November 6th, 2018, and is “… a book about doing as little as possible without quite ruining your child.”

New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins said, “… Parents! Read this book and free yourself from the blood sport that parenting has become!” And bestselling author Liliana Hart wrote, “Breakwell has a hit … uproariously funny, and at times, unexpectedly poignant.”

Join us for this two-part interview.

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In Part One of the file James Breakwell and I discussed:

  • The irony of the 10-year overnight success
  • Why James hated journalism right out of college
  • Why it’s better to practice your art in public
  • How to be so good they can’t ignore you
  • Why comedy writers need an audience to improve
  • And the author’s unique process for writing 10,000 words in a day 

The Show Notes: