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Dec 7, 2015

How NextDraft’s Dave Pell Writes

The most fascinating news on the internet always seems to find its way into Dave Pell’s carefully curated — and always entertaining — NextDraft email newsletter.


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Mr. Pell has turned his addiction for getting the scoop into a vast and loyal following of A-list media heads. He calls NextDraft his “modern-day column,” and the infectious, one-man curation engine is hard to delete (although he believes his friends do it often).

In addition to being a successful venture capitalist, Dave carves out time to do a weekly podcast with veteran journalist Phil Bronstein called What Hurts, a unique blend of “fascinating news and personal angst.”

In this file Dave Pell and I discuss:

  • The Downside of Technology
  • How to Turn an Addiction to News into an Audience
  • Video Game Music as a Productivity Hack
  • Why You Should Always Delete Your First Paragraph
  • The Real Difference Between Writing and Podcasting
  • How Tony Soprano Raised Dave Pell’s Stock

Listen to The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience below ...

The Show Notes