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Feb 6, 2018

How New York Times Bestselling Author of ‘The Bookseller’ Cynthia Swanson Writes

The award-winning literary suspense novelist and New York Times bestselling author of The Bookseller, Cynthia Swanson, took a break before her upcoming book tour to chat with me about her new thriller, The Glass Forest, the writer-slash-designer s process and unique relationship with creativity, and how she finds her ideas.

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The bestselling author started out as a freelance marketing and technical writer before her debut novel, The Bookseller, became an Indie Next pick and winner of the 2016 WILLA Award for Historical Fiction. The book has been translated into over a dozen languages and was optioned for a film adaptation with Julia Roberts attached to star and produce.

Cynthia’s latest psychological thriller The Glass Forest, has been described as “… a gripping literary suspense novel set in the 1960s about a deeply troubled family and three women who will reveal its dark truths.”

The Library Journal said of the book, “… Swanson demonstrates her signature trait: a consistent, superbly executed sense of knife-edge disquiet…” and Publisher’s Weekly called it an “… intoxicating slow burn [that] builds to a conclusion rife with shocking reveals.”

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In this file Cynthia Swanson and I discuss:

  • How she targeted the time periods for her historical novels
  • Why you shouldn’t research while you write
  • How a professional novelist migrated to Scrivener
  • Why you need to intentionally goof around to beat procrastination
  • Great quotes for defeating self-doubt
  • Why you need to find your own writer’s community

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