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Oct 16, 2018

How Bestselling Self-Published Author Steff Green Writes: Part One

Prolific, bestselling author of the paranormal and dark fantasy, Steff Green, dropped by the show to talk with me about overcoming rejection, perseverance, her inspiring journey from copywriter to bestseller, and her advice to fellow scribes who may be facing adversity.

Steff Green is a New Zealander who is a fervent self-publishing advocate, public speaker, and a legally blind writer who has turned her disability into a superpower to self-publish 24 books and counting.

She has topped the USA Today bestsellers list writing paranormal romance under the pen name, Steffanie Holmes, and is also the author of six dark fantasy books under the name S C Green.

Steff received both the 2017 Attitude Award for Artistic Achievement, and was a finalist for the 2018 Women of Influence award.

She recently launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise interest and awareness for an anti-bullying storybook for kids that caught the eye of traditional publishing.

That book, Written and illustrated by two artists who were victims of bullying themselves, Only Freaks Turn Things Into Bones uses darkly gothic humour to address the very real issue of being different.”

Join us for this two-part interview.

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In Part One of the file Steff Green and I discussed:

  • Why you should never give up on your dreams, no matter the obstacles
  • How a dare from a friend led to a big breakthrough
  • Her “rocking” life as a full-time writer
  • How to juggle multiple pen names and genres
  • Her obsessions with heavy metal, ancient languages, and checklists
  • And how to write yourself out of a corner

The Show Notes: