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Sep 2, 2021


Internationally bestselling novelist and short story author, Nickolas Butler, spoke to me about working sh*tty jobs, the irony of his latest title, Godspeed, and defining the modern western.

Nickolas is an Iowa Writers' Workshop grad and author of the award-winning novel Shotgun Lovesongs, The Hearts of Men, and Little Faith, and the story collection Beneath the Bonfire.

His latest novel is Godspeed, described as "... an incisive portrait of working-class life, the meth epidemic, and the many stratified realities of this one America we all live in, separately."

New York Times bestselling author, Ace Atkins, said of the book, “A fast-moving, highly addictive novel of ambition, obsession, and long-festering dreams of the haves and have nots."

Nickolas has published articles, reviews, short stories, and poetry in publications such as Ploughshares, Narrative, and The New York Times Book Review, among others.

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In this file Nickolas Butler and I discussed:

  • Harnessing storytelling and the inner-lives of blue collar workers
  • How to write a novel in under six months
  • The importance of writing for your core readership
  • And why writers need to challenge themselves, harness the power of deadlines, and turn their art into a craft

Show Notes: