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Aug 4, 2020


#1 NY Times bestselling author and famed criminal lawyer, Marcia Clark, dropped by to chat about the perils of celebrity, how she got her start as a TV producer, and the highs and lows of the writing process.

*This is another double-episode, with a surprise (12-year-old) debut author you won't want to miss.

"It's no big surprise that Marcia Clark knows her way around a courtroom and a murder mystery—but she's also a terrific writer and storyteller."—James Patterson

Marcia has been a practicing criminal lawyer since 1979 – she joined the LA District Attorney's office in '81 – and served as a prosecutor for the high-profile trials of Robert Bardo (convicted of killing actress Rebecca Schaeffer), and most notably, O. J. Simpson.

She co-wrote the #1 New York Times bestseller Without a Doubt, which chronicled her work on the Simpson trial.

Marcia writes the bestselling crime fiction series centered on a morally ambiguous criminal defense attorney, Samantha Brinkman.

Her latest is the conclusion of that critically acclaimed thriller series, Final Judgment (Samantha Brinkman). It debuted in 2016 with the publication of #1 Amazon bestseller Blood Defense.

“The plot twists are both plausible and shocking in this intelligent page-turner. Fans of whodunits featuring ethical dilemmas will be pleased.” —Publishers Weekly

Marcia's been a frequent commentator on Today, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, and MSNBC, and a legal correspondent for Entertainment Tonight.

Stay-tuned for this double-episode including a debut crime novelist who shares her story of rejection, stereotypes, and finding your voice.

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In this file Marcia Clark and I discussed:

  • How the author embraced "write what you know"
  • How to outline ripped-from-the-headlines novels
  • Why she misses being a prosecutor in the '80s
  • The future of publishing
  • And how to take a deep breath and keep going!

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