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Jun 8, 2021


Award-winning children's book author and diversity publishing pro, Crystal Swain-Bates, spoke with me about what inspired her to launch her own publishing company and the challenges authors of color face.

“When I recognized how underrepresented black characters were in children's books, I made it my life's purpose to fill the diversity gap...” – Crystal Swain-Bates

Crystal is a celebrated illustrated kids' book author, entrepreneur, and indie publisher "... on a mission to positively reshape the way children of color all over the world see themselves."

She has written and published 12 children's books, been featured by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Essence Magazine, CNN, and HuffPost, and her books have been used as props for hit television shows on BET. Her lauded and bestselling book Big Hair, Don't Care is one of Amazon's most highly reviewed black children's books.

Crystal founded Goldest Karat Publishing to address the lack of diversity in children's literature and aims to help "... aspiring and underrepresented authors publish their books and share their stories.”

She also speaks at conferences and events on the topics of diversity in children's literature, writing, and publishing.

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In this file Crystal Swain-Bates and I discussed:

  • Her promise to fill the diversity gap in children's literature
  • How a former CIA intelligence analyst became a famed author
  • Why she always writes her titles first
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing for illustrated kids' books
  • How diversity in publishing and book retail needs to improve
  • And more!

Show Notes: