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Feb 11, 2021


A unique double-wide lit mag themed episode that includes interviews with two pioneering souls.

My first guest is Erik Harper Klass, a writer and the founder of the full-service short story submissions service Submitit.

And my second guest is Jenna Faccenda, Founder of Eclipse Lit, a nonprofit...

Dec 8, 2020


Celebrated designer, Creative Director of Scribe Media, and author, Erin Tyler, spoke with me about how she overcame childhood trauma to become one of the industry's best book cover designers, why this is such an important time in publishing, and book cover fails to avoid.

"My relationship with...

Jul 22, 2020


Award-winning international journalist, author, and serial pundit, Adam Skolnick, co-hosted our pandemic edition "state of travel writing" roundtable with several like-minded travel junkies.

Adam is an award-winning independent journalist and author covering adventure sports, environmental issues,...

May 27, 2020

The internationally bestselling author of over 35 novels, Jeffery Deaver, took a few minutes to discuss his advice on how to write emotionally engaging fiction, the merits of plotters vs. pantsers, and a 5-step process for writing your novel.

"Rejection is just a speed bump ... it's not a brick wall. Keep at it." –...

May 6, 2020

Award-winning writer and debut novelist, Abbigail N. Rosewood, joined me to discuss the roller coaster of emotions first-time authors face, how she overcame rejection and uncertainty, and her advice to aspiring scribes on how to rise above the noise.

"Seeking representation didn't prepare me well for what was...