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Jul 8, 2021


Bestselling author and award-winning social psychologist, Ron Friedman, spoke to me about how remarkable artists and writers reverse engineer breakouts, and his new book Decoding Greatness.

Ron is an expert on human motivation and founder of ignite80, a consulting firm that crunches data in...

May 12, 2021


Award-winning documentarian, Mimi deGruy, joined me and author Adam Skolnick for a deep dive into the genesis of her documentary exploring the legacy and environmental activism of her late husband, trailblazing ocean filmmaker Mike deGruy.

“When Mike died, I felt like he left in...

Mar 25, 2021


Brooklyn-based designer, artist, and creative director, Jason Naylor, rapped with me about his mission to inspire hope, how to write bite-sized wisdom for an attention-starved world, and why "love is the answer to everything."

“Be yourself, be brave, be proud of who you are, be kind, be loving, be...

Mar 4, 2020

Author, educator, and award-winning architect, Donald M. Rattner, stopped by this week to expound on invaluable research into the latest psychology and productivity studies to offer practical tips for designing your writing space for maximum creative output.

“Unfortunately, once you go down this rabbit hole, you...

Oct 16, 2019

In Part Two of this file bestselling author, Kim Petersen, returned to talk with me about tactics to tap into age-old wisdom, quiet your inner critic, get back to basics, rediscover your voice, and recharge your creative batteries.

“With how our lifestyles are, and the technology, we seem to have also become more...