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Sep 24, 2021


Co-hosts of the top international podcast "What You Will Learn," Adam Ashton and Adam Jones, spoke to me about why writers should (and can) read more, how to turn a podcast into a book, and The Sh*t They Never Taught You.

What You Will Learn became Australia's #1 Book Podcast with over 4 million...

Sep 16, 2021


Award-winning writer and journalist, Leïla Slimani, spoke to me about the challenges of writing historical fiction, impostor syndrome, and what it's like to live In the Country of Others.

“Imagination is the strongest, most powerful human capability. It allows everything: you can move in time,...

Sep 2, 2021


Internationally bestselling novelist and short story author, Nickolas Butler, spoke to me about working sh*tty jobs, the irony of his latest title, Godspeed, and defining the modern western.

Nickolas is an Iowa Writers' Workshop grad and author of the award-winning novel Shotgun Lovesongs, The...