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Aug 26, 2021


Decorated speculative fiction and YA author and pundit, Charlie Jane Anders, chatted with me about the genesis of storytelling, how to weather 20 years of rejection, write through hard times, and her latest how-to for writers Never Say You Can’t Survive.

"Being a writer doesn't have to mean you...

Aug 19, 2021


New York Times bestselling author, Jason Mott, took a timeout to talk with me about the high-wire act of building Hell of a Book, talking about race in America, and NOT working with Brad Pitt.

Jason is the author of The Returned, a New York Times bestseller that was turned into a TV series that...

Aug 11, 2021

Matt Haig reads an excerpt from The Midnight Library, backed by an original Storybound remix with Robert Wynia, and sound design and arrangement by Jude Brewer.

Robert Wynia is a founding member of the Portland band Floater. Known for their progressive concept albums, Floater is famous for incorporating...

Aug 4, 2021


Internationally bestselling thriller author, Samantha Downing, took a break to chat about her "20-year, overnight" success, writing psychopaths, and how to write a novel in six months.

Samantha's debut novel, My Lovely Wife – about a married couple teaming up to commit murder – was a #1...