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Jun 22, 2021


Award-winning short story writer and debut novelist, Sanjena Sathian, talked to me about the true cost of the American dream, magical realism, and working with Mindy Kaling on the adaptation of Gold Diggers.

Sanjena is an Iowa Writers' Workshop grad who started her career as a journalist and...

Jun 8, 2021


Award-winning children's book author and diversity publishing pro, Crystal Swain-Bates, spoke with me about what inspired her to launch her own publishing company and the challenges authors of color face.

“When I recognized how underrepresented black characters were in children's books, I made...

Jun 2, 2021


President and Founder of Manhattan-based agency Lucinda Literary, Lucinda Halpern, gave me an insider’s take on why literary agents can't just be deal-makers anymore.

Lucinda Halpern is a literary, lecture, and PR agent with over 15 years of experience on both the corporate and agency sides...