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Oct 21, 2020


The New York Times bestselling Southern crime writer, Ace Atkins, took a minute to talk with me about his superhero origins as a journalist, the complicated, dark history of the American South, and the challenge and thrill of changing POVs in the novel.

"Make sure you're picking [your genre and...

Oct 9, 2020


The #1 New York Times bestselling author of paranormal fiction, Laurell K. Hamilton, took a break to talk with me about why her first fantasy novel nearly tanked her career, some of the systems that go into her world-building, and why writers need to stay off the internet and protect their writing...

Oct 2, 2020


The lauded science journalist and author, Marta Zaraska, spoke with me about the impacts of loneliness on your health, why we need to think about aging earlier, and how smartphones ruin relationships.

"Too much concentration on our smartphones is definitely damaging our health. The reason for...