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Aug 18, 2020


Busy screenwriter and director, Mattson Tomlin, took a minute to rap with me about debuting a film during a pandemic, what it takes to break into Hollywood, and how he was brought on to co-write The Batman with Director Matt Reeves.

"Every script is an opportunity to change your life....

Aug 11, 2020


Award-winning, neo-noir novelist and short story writer, S. A. Cosby, took time to speak with me about his pulp fiction influences, the hard work that went into his 10-year overnight success, and the cinematic timbre of his writing voice.

"Writing is like telling yourself a joke for nine months...

Aug 4, 2020


#1 NY Times bestselling author and famed criminal lawyer, Marcia Clark, dropped by to chat about the perils of celebrity, how she got her start as a TV producer, and the highs and lows of the writing process.

*This is another double-episode, with a surprise (12-year-old) debut author you won't...